Hello dear readers. I am sorry it has been a while; I have now done three finals out of four, but I am really struggling to focus on Classics this week when it seems there is so much conflict spiralling out of control in the world around me. I was babysitting my baby cousin on Saturday night not far from my home in London when the terrorist attacks hit London Bridge, Vauxhall and Borough Market. My parents were out, at a party with my aunt and uncle; my sister and I had a painful half an hour waiting for them to text us back and confirm that they were all right. I went back to London for safety and a bit of peace; I have never felt so vulnerable inside my own home, and so worried for everyone I know and love.

Music is the one thing that, without fail, relieves and expresses my anxiety about the vulnerability to disaster of the people around me and the beautiful world I find myself in. I have grown up never for a second doubting that I am fundamentally safe, and violent conflict has until the last few years seemed as distant as it could seem to anyone; that is no longer the case. I hate violence, and I am gently coming to terms with the fear I have been made to feel. I have no answers, but this recording of Without You (which transforms into Knocking on Heaven’s Door) is proving a good salve for worry at the moment. Beaming love; look after each other.


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